Eggs and Eggs and Yet More Eggs = Sponge Cakes and More

I’m not all that great at baking sponge cakes.
However, with such an abundance of eggs as we have here at present, it seemed only logical to make one for today’s Wednesday morning tea platter.
This 6 egg version didn’t turn out too badly. It was filled with whipped cream and topped with passionfruit icing, pipless by request.
Very pleased to have jars of preserved passionfruit pulp on hand for the purpose.
I took along a coconut flour chocolate cake as well (that used up 8 eggs).
Another sponge cake was made for family who came for dinner (6 duck eggs used), and a dozen small egg and bacon pies for good measure.
Still there are six full egg cartons lined up along the bench.
More baking tomorrow then …..

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