Happy as the Proverbial Pig in Mud

The recent rain has our property awash with small springs of water. Actually make that sheets of water, there’s even a small waterfall over in the far paddock at “picnic rock”.

Cilla is one happy pig, revelling in the conditions. On her afternoon walk in the large paddock, she stomps and kneads the sodden ground to make a large mud patch, then rolls and wallows in it for hours.

There’s only one issue with that – she loves a cuddle and smooches that huge mud-covered snout all over us. Makes for a lot of washing!

Never mind, doesn’t matter, it’s great to see being the very epitome of the old saying “happy as a pig in mud”.

This is what Cilla looks like before her walk in the big paddock each day. She makes this bed of hay for herself, nibbling at it occasionally.  She has a large enclosure and a lovely “bedroom”, but she chooses to sleep here during the morning and early afternoon, unless it’s very cold and windy – it’s her room with a view.

It seems a shame to spoil such a beautiful face as this with so much mud, maybe she thinks it improves her complexion – perhaps she’s right.



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