Goose Eggs – Amazing!

Today I fell in love – with goose eggs for baking.
On today’s morning tea platter duck egg banana cake (cream cheese icing of course).
Then to the brownies – my first experience with using a goose egg. The egg whipped up like nothing I’ve ever know before, and in a mere matter of moments, just fantastic.
Later in the day with a friend coming for dinner – a coconut rice custard was prepared, cooked in my small slow cooker and thickened at the last with a single goose egg. (Served with home preserved rhubarb and ice cream).
I’d thought the flavour would be too strong, but it was virtually indiscernible, not too rich after all. What the goose egg did was impart a beautiful creaminess.
I accept that our four geese may be terribly noisy and at times territorial and fractious, especially with visitors whom they consider to be impostors.
However they certainly earn their keep now they’ve started laying eggs.

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