Air Fryer – to buy or not to buy?

New kitchen toy – air fryer. I was reluctant to buy one, thought (knew) I didn’t really need to do so.

However, by way of justification, I did get a question about them last time on radio. At that time I gave out a recipe (baked apples), pretty confident that it would work.  I really did want to know for sure though…..

I resisted the inclination to purchase for three to four weeks, but eventually the temptation was too strong. Yesterday I bought one, a 6.5 litre version.

Today – experimentation time.

I started with the classic (commercial) potato fries to get a feel for it. It was the only recipe in the instruction book after all.

Next – develop some recipes of my own to put the fryer through its paces.

A honey and citrus infused banana cake first, then baked apples on a bed of rhubarb puree, and finally curried scallop pies.

Pretty impressed with the functionality of the machine I have to admit. I think it will get a lot of use.  It will cut the need or desire for fatty fried foods, those chips were good and not a drop of oil added.  It holds great promise for crumbed fish and the like.

Downside? Our little dog Poppy is terrified of it – from the beeps to the sound of the fan, though it’s not really noisy at all. She makes a mad dash for the cat flap and streaks out at a great rate.

She comes back in tentatively, but not until the fryer has finished. Strange little dog, she will get used to it in time I’m sure.

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