Apricots – the saviour of this cake

I get SO annoyed with myself that I can’t decorate the way I would like. Something always seems to go awry – like melted chocolate in a piping bag that decides to set for no apparent reason and comes out in globs.

Oh well, it is what it is. I aim for flavour, have even been called a flavour chaser, so will have to be content with that.

Photo is of this week’s Wednesday morning tea platter.

It’s a chocolate sponge cake, infused after baking with the juice from preserved apricots.

It’s topped with Chantilly cream and preserved apricot halves, then piped with the offending chocolate.

For good measure, around the sides were truffles, infused with coconut rum.

Incidentally, after making this, I went and purchased a 10kg box of good quality cooking chocolate, so hopefully no glob issues from now on.

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