Rhubarb continued…

Now ain’t that a pretty sight? Fourteen jars of rhubarb almost ready for the preserver, just need to have their clips put in place. So colourful.
Of course I know the rhubarb could have been stacked in the jars more neatly (I used to be more fastidious about that in the past), but it’s all the same in the end really.
Plus that fussy stacking with little batons takes quite a bit of time and effort for very little gain, none as far as flavour is concerned.
A couple of hours in the preserver and they will be ready for the pantry shelves, always ready at hand to include in any rhubarb dish over the coming months.

5 thoughts on “Rhubarb continued…

    • sallywiseau says:

      It must be brought up to temperature slowly to ensure that the heat permeates right onto the centre of the jar Roscoe. At this slightly lower temperature more nutrients are preserved. You can alternatively, preserve at a slightly higher temperature – 90 to 92 degrees for a shorter time. I prepared a chart for that should you want it. I can email it to you if you like.


  1. Liz says:

    Thank you for this information, my fowlers unit does not have a thermometer and recommends turning on for one hour, turning off after five mins if it boils (it usually does). Would this be alright with rhubarb?


    • sallywiseau says:

      Our daughter used one of those preservers for years. What she did was wait for it to come to temperature, then turned it off. When the temperature dropped to about 5 degrees below the recommended for any fruit (like the rhubarb), she would turn it on again until it came up to about 5 degrees over, then turn it off again. That worked well. The trouble is that it it boils, it stews the fruit, rather than keeping it in more defined pieces, plus loses nutritional value. Hope this helps Liz.


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