The Rhubarb Saga continues ………

My goodness, seems I must have missed preserving over the last couple of months.
Really on a preserving rhubarb high here. Today presented the opportunity to incorporate some of yesterday’s preserved rhubarb into various dishes.
For the morning tea platter, a rhubarb tart of sorts. A butter sponge flan base, brushed lightly with chocolate ganache, then lemon curd style filling, then preserved rhubarb pieces set into a jelly made with juice from the bottled rhubarb.
Personally, I think it looked better before my efforts with the swirls of cream but maybe that’s just personal taste.
With a little granddaughter coming to visit, who happens to adore blueberry muffins, today’s offerings were enhanced with some preserved rhubarb pieces in the batter. After baking, they were glazed with the reduced syrup, again from the preserved rhubarb. Made them lovely and shiny.
For dessert this evening – rhubarb and apple crumble with rhubarb coconut ice cream.
Am I over rhubarb by now? Not at all. I haven’t even made a single batch of sparkling rhubarb yet. Plus I’d like to make some rhubarb relish.
Hope our plants grow fast! They have every reason to now that they are covered and protected from marauding wildlife.

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