Chocolate Time!

I bought myself a present a week or two ago (it had been my birthday after all) – a lovely 5kg box of best quality dark chocolate buttons (Chocolat de Couverture Noir). Bliss.

Not to be resisted either was a 1.6kg box of chocolate batons. Last evening, time for a little chocolate play.

A piece of pumpkin fruit cake was crumbled, then mixed with coconut rum and melted chocolate to make a kind of truffle, then dipped in more melted chocolate.I could never be accused of being neat of course, but the chocolate coated those truffles like a dream.

I had in mind a purpose for them – to use in the Wednesday morning tea platter offering today – portions of chocolate fudge cake topped with ganache, a disk of white chocolate (temperamental stuff that is) and topped with one of those chocolates.

A bit rich probably, could have done with some acidity with a raspberry or two on top.

Hope they were acceptable though.

So pleased I bought all that chocolate – it will be perfect for making little homemade treats to add to individual hampers over the next couple of months.

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