Fresh Limes – a little bit little

It’s taken about 4 days in all, just grabbing a bit of time here and there to do this.Our lime tree bears prolifically, but there were a number of tiny ripe limes left in a bowl. What to do with them?

Hmmm – couldn’t be bothered with making lime cordial by the usual method (grate the zest of each and squeeze the juice), with those limes being not much larger (and some smaller) than a cumquat.

Bright idea, use the cumquat cordial from “A Year on the Farm”!

I became distracted and used twice as many by weight than I should have done. Easily corrected next day, just made more sugar solution.

Today, finally, preserved the finished syrup, just in case I did get those measurements a little wrong.

The final result will now keep for ages. If its intense flavour is any indication, it will make good lemon, lime and bitter drinks, and pretty fine as a gin and lime squash.

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