Lemons and The Accidental Cake

I really despair of my brain some days, and today is one of them.It is of course, Wednesday morning tea platter day – I love to make something hopefully interesting and tasty to take each time. They are the best test tasters ever.I’d decided to try a recipe from someone else’s cookbook – an orange chiffon cake.

However, a friend had given me a lovely bag of home grown lemons, so a lemon version it was to be, with just a hint of orange for extra interest.All was going well, the batter looked pretty good, so I placed it in the oven to bake.

I turned around to clean up – oops, I’d left out the 5 egg yolks!

I thought the cake would be a disaster, but it was too late by that stage to make another. I had to decide whether to feed it to the chooks and instead take a plate of the pumpkin cake I’d baked yesterday.

No-one would be any the wiser after all.

However, I’d made lemon curd with several of those lemons last night, and I wanted to showcase this on the cake somewhere.

A hastily made cream cheese icing was spread on the cooled cake, then little dollops of the lemon curd were swirled over.

Hoping for the best, but with considerable trepidation took this to morning tea. Wonder of wonders, it was a great hit! SO pleased. It turned out as a very flavoursome lemon sponge with a lovely light texture.

Therefore I’m just now typing up the recipe with the accidental adjustments which I will keep in there, with mental note to self that nothing is a failure if you just apply a little innovation or give it another name.

The lovely morning tea-ers asked what I was going to do with those overlooked yolks. I hadn’t thought about it but of course! More lemon curd, this time using yolks instead of whole eggs.

It’s very rich in colour and flavour, but delicious nevertheless. So thankfully, the day was rescued after all.

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