Egg Yolks – salt cured?

Yesterday during the ABC Jams and Preserves talkback it became obvious that we are not the only ones to have a glut of eggs at present.

Lots of suggestions were given by listeners including freezing and pickling them.

One method I’d heard of but not tried, salt cured egg yolks.

So today I started a batch. I’ve just made 4 for a trial.

It will be a while before they are ready, patience needed.

After this photo was taken, another layer of the salt/sugar curing mix was added, then the dish was covered and is to be refrigerated for 4 days before dehydrating (so the methods say in the several recipes I’ve found).

They must be stored in the fridge after that and will apparently keep for about 4 weeks.

I also read that the finished egg yolks can be used as a dairy free substitute for Parmesan – can be crumbled or grated.

They can be served this way over pasta dishes, risottos and blended into dressings and sauces.

It will certainly be interesting to see how they turn out.

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