Trifle – A Gift for a Friend

A friend came to dinner last evening. I recalled he’d mentioned some time ago that his all-time favourite dessert was trifle.

I made it for him last night as a surprise. It was a little bit of a variation on my usual version.

A layer of jam-spread cake was cubed then drizzled liberally with what we used to call sherry (now I think it’s Apera – medium).

Next came a jelly layer, this made tastier by the addition of some homemade cordial syrup.

This was followed by a layer of egg custard, then one of blueberry compote, more custard and then whipped cream and grated chocolate.

He was very happy indeed. When I tasted it, I was transported back to my grandmother’s kitchen. Wine trifle, as she called it despite the fact she always made it with sherry, was her specialty dessert.

She would likely have used blackberries or raspberries though. However, the blueberries were delicious with their little pop of flavour and texture.

I should really make this more often, a lovely cooling dessert on a hot summer’s day.

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