Choc Orange Butterfly Cakes

Wednesday morning tea platter last week – invention on the fly.I had bought a net of oranges at the supermarket for the purpose of grating the rind to make an orange cake.The proverbial “fly in the ointment” – there was no way that those oranges would let me grate the zest.

Not to be deterred I peeled them all, threw this into the food processor and processed until very finely chopped, just as good as grated in the end. (Any excess is now in the freezer in small containers.)

By now I’d decided to make a choc/orange cake, which actually evolved into more than two dozen cup cakes (advantage is they cool quicker).This in turn led to a variation of butterfly cakes – the filling being a rich choc-orange custard enriched with white chocolate, and a topping of segments of preserved apricots.

This rag-tag collection of spontaneous ideas came together quite well. Who would’ve thought!

What to make this week? I have set myself the task of never making the same thing twice. Something raspberry maybe? The raspberry patch is yielding quite well this year.

Whatever it turns out to be, it must contain custard as there’s several in the group who just love custard.

Maybe we should call the Wednesday morning tea-ers “The Custard Club”?

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