Apricots reign in jars and tray bake cake

There’s been a bit of preserving of apricots here over the last week or so.It’s led to such an abundance of jars of apricot products that it was impossible to take a photo that took it all in at once, so I took two to show the extent of products on the bench.

There’s bottled halves, bottled puree, apricot conserve, apricot jam, apricot chutney and even apricot Worcestershire.Time to go back to get more though, I will need at least ten more kilos for the Bottling class this Saturday.

The first jar of the preserved halves came into their own today, forming the basis for the Wednesday morning tea platter. A lemon olive oil tray bake cake was topped with the sliced preserved halves – looks a bit random as each slice of apricot is a slightly different shape and size.

Never mind, it all looks the same once baked and they sink into the cake batter a little. Finally it was sprinkled with a little cinnamon and sugar.

There needs to be custard of course for the guys at morning tea – a lemon infused version was made from some HUGE fruit, given to us by a friend.

Oh yes, and last week I neglected to put up a post about last Wednesday’s offering – a banana honey-caramel topped cake. The cake batter is supposed to contain two and a half cups of mashed banana. I forgot to measure and just used six mushy frozen ones.

Too late once they were in there. It turned out better than usual, so now I wish I knew what I did!

That was served with a dollopy egg custard, good thing the chooks are laying well.

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