A Little Savoury Baking

A little savoury baking this morning. Zucchini, corn and tomato quiches large and small, the daily bread and sausage rolls.

I do like to have a little something on hand to share when people drop in for a cuppa.

3 thoughts on “A Little Savoury Baking

  1. Anne-Maree Grey says:

    Hello Sally, I didn’t have a pen when you were sharing the onion jam recipe with dijion mustard etc on Sat 20Feb 21. Would you be able to share again. Many thanks.


  2. Pam Deans says:

    Hi Sally.
    I love ypur recipes and have many of your books.
    May i have the recipe for the large tomat quiche or a family quiche as i love your padtry.
    Thanking you.
    Pam Deans
    Charlestown NSW


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