Shadow Lambkin

I really. really dislike lambing season – I live in fear that one will die despite our best efforts. Thankfully, this little orphaned lamb, born about three weeks ago, is surviving and thriving.

She is really special – seeming to have the best of the lovely natures of her two parents.

The other sheep, though not cruel to her, treat her dismissively, yet she craves attention – not just her bottles of milk, but proper cuddles, the more the better.

I have called her Shadow Lambkin. She likes to “help” weeding the garden and follow us about everywhere, even into the house if we are not quick to shut the door.

Helping with the weeding with a cuddle for good measure.
Loves a cuddle, the more the better

We have a number of rather spoilt animals here and each thinks they are deserving of the most attention.

Puppy Poppy is not too impressed but has learned to tolerate her.

Poppy Puppy and Shadow Lambkin
Always fastidious about cleaning her hoofs of any droplets of milk after she’s had a bottle.

However Cilla the pig resents the fact that Shadow is fed a bottle several times a day and gets lots of cuddles.

Her first reaction was a bit of a temper tantrum. She tipped out her large water container and then sat sulking in the mud puddle thus created.

Cilla in a terrible huff!

She was ok after a back scratch though – she couldn’t stay cross after that.

Such a joy, the menagerie here, funny characters the whole lot of them.

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