Wednesday Morning Tea offering – Chunky Rhubarb Crumble Cake

This morning’s new invention for friends to (hopefully) enjoy for morning tea. I’ve called it Chunky Rhubarb Crumble Cake.

I never quite know what to bake for the morning tea platter, but a glance along the preserves shelves usually provides some sort of inspiration. And so it was today.

This time rhubarb chunks preserved in a light sugar syrup. They were not fussily prepared and presented when we preserved them – the bumper crop of rhubarb called for haste to avoid waste.

Nevertheless, they suited the purpose admirably.

A baking dish sized butter sponge batter was topped with the drained chunks of rhubarb, then a crumble topping sprinkled over before baking.

To accompany it, a rich, dollopy egg custard cream, infused with the flavour of fresh lemon juice.

Next post (in a couple of days when I return to the online centre) I will provide the recipe, I’ve had no time to type it today.

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