The Caramel Cake Concoction without a Name

Invention of a new recipe for the Wednesday morning tea platter. What to call this? Not really sure Caramel Custard Cake with Peaches maybe?

It was inspired by the fact that I found a super special of Top n Fill caramel. I’ve never used it before but thought it might be good to experiment with. (It was so delicious when I sampled it that it was lucky to find its way into the cake.)

So here’s how it went.

There’s a layer of chocolate caramel sponge, topped with caramel custard and then whipped cream.

I’m so pleased we preserved a large number of yellow clingstone peaches last summer. A jar of these was drained and roughly diced and sprinkled over the cream, adding a note of slight acidity to break the sweetness of the custard.

To match the first layer, a generous sprinkling of tiny chocolate twirls and shavings to finish the cake.

Happy to say it was well received at the morning tea. (Apologies if the photos are a bit blurry, as they are on my screen. Really MUST do something about getting a new camera!!)

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