Blackberries – jelly, blackberry nip and a wonderful preserving tip

The 6kg blackberries picked a couple of days ago have been put to good use.

Many were made into jelly as seen here. The liquid was strained again, through muslin in that instance.

Last time during the ABC Jams and Preserves talkback, a listener Kerry rang in and gave this terrific tip.

Instead of testing for set on a cold saucer, freeze dessert spoons to have at the ready.

When the jam, jelly or marmalde is ready for testing, simply place a teaspoonful on the cold spoon. It gives an almost instant indication as to whether the mixture has reached setting point.

It really works! Just another of the amazing, helpful tips I have learned from listeners.

Finally, a kilo or two of the blackberries were “put down”, as the old preserving saying goes, into blackberry nip, which will be ready in about 6 months. (Blackberries steeped in vodka and sugar).

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