Comfort Baking Sunday

Yesterday was spent well and most enjoyably with loads of baking.

A recipe from the new book (The Comfort Bake), this one a hidden treasure as there’s no accompanying photo in the book. These are Spicy Date and Raisin Rolls (page 24).

Nevertheless it’s one of my favourites – so delicious, and for those who prefer less sugar, there is no added sugar in either the pastry or the filling. A light sprinkling of icing sugar, such as I did here, is purely optional.

It’s perfect for school (or work) lunchboxes too, or anytime for that matter with a cuppa.

I ended up making two batches. Even then, I know they won’t last long when visitors drop in during the week.

Next – considering that the Anzac debate, re crunchy versus chewy, still rages on, not just within the family but amongst friends and neighbours. Therefore there was obviously only one thing for it, have a jar of each on hand to welcome all comers.

Both can be made from the one mixture – the secret is in the Anzac Biscuits recipe on page 20 of the book.

With all these biscuits now to hand, maybe something a little more cake-like in texture was in order, so next to bake were Orange Butter Bars (page 30).

Actually, being a bit light on oranges, it’s orange and lemon – using every last bit of zest and juice.

I didn’t want to waste those precious orange and lemon and orange skins, even though the zest and juice had been depleted.

Roast chicken for dinner then! Those skins sat with garden herbs around the chicken during baking, so the pan juices made a delicious gravy.

Final incarnation for those strained off skins, after being dried out in the oven, is as very effective fire lighters for the wood heater.

I would really have liked to make the Lemon and Lavender Squares, but I’d used all my lemons so I had to pass on that one.

I’ll just hope for hungry visitors to eat all that I baked yesterday, and that will give me an excuse to make it in the near future.

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