The versatile Apple Lemon Delicious Pudding

There’s a recipe in “The Comfort Bake” that has chameleon-like properties.

On page 112 is the recipe for Apple Lemon Delicious Pudding.

It is, as the recipe title suggests, really delicious as a dessert dish.

However, it also makes one of the most delicious cakes, a real neighbourhood and family pleaser.

I use a pyrex casserole dish, approximately 18 to 20cm. (A tart plate would be fine as long as it’s deep enough – about 3cm). I grease it and place a circle of baking paper on the base and grease again. Then proceed exactly as per the recipe.

Once it’s cooked, I leave it to stand in the dish for a few minutes, and then invert onto a serving plate.

The result is a lovely three layered cake – a light lemon sponge, a creamy (but set) lemon custard layer and then the tangy apple slices.

Today I topped it with a simple swirl of whipped cream and a raspberry that had been dipped in a quickly made coulis.

One of the nicest cakes ever in my opinion – sweet yet tangy, and also creamy. Simply yum!

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