Cilla The Fire Warden Pig

I haven’t posted about our beautiful Cilla the Pig for a while I know. She’s an adorable creature, so affectionate – smooches us like a cat, all smiles and slobber. She adores a cuddle, back scratch and tummy rub.

Every now and then she does something that intrigues us. A case in point is shown in the photos here.

Robert went to burn a large pile of tree prunings in her paddock when she was out for her afternoon stroll.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing from a distance. Here (Robert told me when he came inside} she was stomping the rain soaked ground to draw up water for a mud bath, which she settled into in front of the fire.

As the fire burned lower, she seemed to appoint herself as fire monitor, snuffling through the remaining flames and embers. Not really sure what was going through her mind, but she obviously enjoyed the afternoon’s activity. Gorgeous girl she is!

From a distance, a strange sight – what WAS she doing?

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