Feijoa Season!

The Custard Club’s morning tea today was brought together by the generosity of our neighbourhood.

The stars of the show were beautiful, fresh feijoas, gifted to me by a friend yesterday. I’ve not had any for years, this was such a treat!

Fresh lemons in the cake batter were from another neighbour, the honey for the caramel and glaze a gift from another.

Thankfully our chickens are still laying well, so plenty of eggs for baking.

I used the recipe for the Honey Caramel Topsy Turvy Pear Cake (The Comfort Bake page 56-7), substituting feijoas for the specified pears.

I have to say that the feijoas lifted the cake to a whole new level. I added just a tiny bit of lemon juice to the final honey glaze, just in case the feijoas, although cooked, might decide to oxidise as they are wont to do when raw.

I didn’t know if the Custard Club members would have tasted feijoas before so sent it as a bit of a mystery “Guess the Fruit” dish. (Accompanied by a large jar of custard of course.)

I wasn’t able to go this morning, and I haven’t heard if anyone picked it. Such a delicious and under-rated fruit, hope they liked it.

Beautiful Feijoas

Feijoa cake in the making

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