Maple Syrup Upside Down Banana Cake

It’s Wednesday morning tea time again. We weren’t sure we could get up the road due to last night’s snowfall, but as it turned out all was well, just a bit icy underfoot.

The cake comes from The Comfort Bake (p.70) – Maple Syrup Upside Down Banana Cake, the recipe doubled so as to be ample for the Custard Club.

It would be nice if the banana slices stayed where I had carefully placed them instead of having a mind of their own, but this is the way of bananas I have found. It certainly didn’t detract from the flavour, yum!

Last week’s issue of the need for a larger custard jug was solved by a trip into Vinnies in Moonah earlier in the week. I had in mind an enamel jug, but this 2.5 litre+ capacity pyrex coffee jug proved perfect. Its lid even prevents any custard spillage on the way up the bumpy road.

Also, once custard is made, the jug can sit on the hotplate of my gravy warming jug (itself an op shop find a year or so ago).

Everyone was well pleased with the increased amount of custard.

“Maybe just fill it up to the metal strip next time.” said one of the morning tea-ers, full to the brim as he himself was with custard and cake. I admit that’s probably a good idea.

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