Green Tomato Kasoundi

The last of the green tomatoes have been harvested from the veggie patch.

Instead of waiting for them to ripen, I decided to try something recommended to me recently.

A lady told me she makes my recipe for Tomato Chilli Pickle (aka Kasoundi) from A Year In a Bottle – but using green tomatoes instead of ripe red.

In fact she said she purposefully harvests them green as, if anything, this version is even better.

With the wood heater burning constantly here, it provided the extra incentive to do so, as shown in the photo

Well, she was right- it really is delicious, so I’ll be making both versions next tomato season.

One thought on “Green Tomato Kasoundi

  1. Wendy says:

    Have made several batches of your Tomato Chilli Pickles, we all love it, tablespoonful into curried sausages, soups and on toast. Will def be trying it with green tomatoes next year…


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