Ice Cream Supreme! (Includes recipe)

For such things I preserve. With school holidays bringing more frequent visits of grandchildren, it’s the perfect opportunity to make delicious treats of homemade ice cream.

A lovely teenage grandson was the test taster today.

In the glass dish pictured are three types of ice cream – mulberry (flavoured with mulberry syrup), lemon curd based and thirdly, blackcurrant coconut (vegan).

There was a drizzling of mulberry syrup as a final flourish.

All were pronounced delicious, so I’m very pleased indeed.

Preserved syrups, all natural, as was the lemon curd, make excellent chemical free flavourings that are reflective of the fruits they contain, and hence taste fantabulous.

Here’s the recipe:


1½ cups cream

¾ cup full cream milk

½ to three quarters cup of fruit cordial syrup or 220 to 250g lemon curd (according to taste)


Whisk together until just combined, then churn in an ice cream maker.

Alternatively, place the whisked mixture in an ice cream container and chill till approximately two thirds set.  Whisk again.   Repeat, then cover and freeze completely.

The ice cream needs to stand at room temperature for a few minutes before scooping and serving.

Hint – for a vegan version of the version made with fruit syrups (not the lemon curd), simply substitute coconut cream and coconut milk for the dairy ingredients.

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