Country Kitchen Apple Calamities

The cooking school is not operating as such at the moment, but no way does this mean that the space lies idle.

The past couple of weeks have seen it used for a great many things apple.

There was cider making day of course, baking for the friends and family who came along, and since then bottling of diced apples has been ongoing.

There have been a couple of casualties along the way; a case in point, the winding wounded – the two apple spiralisers, so handy for the peeling and coring, both of these broke under the strain of sheer volume.

The space I have to admit had come to look a bit like an apple/syrup bomb had struck it, so time for a good clean up today, hardly my favourite task.

I did feel rather virtuous as I looked back at the sparkling kitchen as I mopped to the doorway.

The benches and preservers are all set up for tomorrow when a friend is coming to help us make mead, and learn to preserve. There’s plenty more apples for the task, we still have about 7 cases full.

So the cooking school kitchen is still used to best advantage. It’s absolute happiness to share it with friends and family who want to come and learn to preserve, or bake, or slow cook and quite aside from that, just come come and enjoy the warmth and fun of being in a very large, and hopefully welcoming, country kitchen of the Derwent Valley.

2 thoughts on “Country Kitchen Apple Calamities

  1. Natasha Kay says:

    Afternoon Sally!
    I’m so happy to hear that the cooking school space is being used still!
    Can’t wait to see more updates from the apples and maybe a potential post on the mead.
    I’m visiting Tasmania from Cairns come late November and was wondering if there is any possibility if classes will be up and running around then?

    I understand the situation with cov-19 is quite choppy and things change often, but perhaps do you have any potential openings you may bring back the classes (like a month in the future you hope to reopen)?

    I’m a new reader, and found you today but had previously heard of your work. I gravitated towards hoping to experience a class as such with you because of your warm nature from the video I watched. To conclude, I look forward to more blog posts in the future. I’ll definitely be diving into your blog posts later today with a lovely warm cup of tea.

    Yours truly,


    • sallywiseau says:

      Hi Natasha. Thanks for writing. AT this point in time we are unsure whether the school will e open again by then. Hopefully the Covid situation will have settled by then. Best wishes, Sally


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