Tom and Rosie

Many who know us are aware that ginger Tom was a feral cat when we came to live here.   Gradually over many months he was tamed, and now is a beautiful, affectionate house cat.  It is beyond comprehension how anyone could ever have abandoned him.

It was for his sake that I hesitated for a time to adopt little Rosie.  After all, Tom had given us his trust and accepted us as ‘his humans’.  It seemed a betrayal to introduce another cat into his space.  However, Rosie was doomed to go to the Cat Centre otherwise and so she came to stay.

It was touch and go here for a couple of days – Tom was less than impressed and was quite threatening at times to little Rosie, though he never actually harmed her.  However, today there has been a turn around in their relationship.

This afternoon Rosie spied large black cockatoos outside our bedroom window.  She sat on the bed, trembling with fear.  Tom went over to her and gave her a cuddle, which seemed to calm her immediately.  It is a testament to his lovely nature.

The photo here shows the transition since then, progressing from angst to affection between the two of them.

Rosie has become more confident, and likes nothing better than to sit with her nose on the tv screen watching the cricket.  Whenever a camera shot follows a ball that is bowled, she tries to catch it on-screen.

I know all cats are lovely, but these two of ours are really special, each in their own individual ways.


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