Bottling Class

I know this heat is horrible, unbearable even, but with the heat comes masses of summer fruit, so it’s not all bad. Last weekend we had a bottling class here. The first of these photos shows the produce ready to go, along with barley/spelt bread on the rise. Once it’s baked some was for us to eat during the class, the rest to go out onto the roadside stall.

The second photo shows the resulting chaos (it’s not a mess, it’s a creative environment!)

The third shows the kitchen now tidied but with yet more apricots to be bottled (this time with a little help from Robert), along with two batches of apricot jam (one with the kernels included, one with pineapple).

In the end there were bottled apricots and tomatoes, pickled zucchini slices, spiced cherries, jams and cordials. Oh yes, and some sparkling raspberry and rhubarb resting in a bucket.  Gotta love summer! Time to move on to bottling cherries tomorrow and the next day. Yes!

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