All in a Molesworth morning’s gardening

Time for some weeding and feeding of plants. There have been lots of tiny vegetables to harvest as ‘thinnings’ – carrots, parsnips, spring onions, asparagus and beetroot. They will form part of a frittata I will make for dinner. With a carrot top pesto I think.

Even the mushroom farm under the house has kick-started in the warmer weather. Robert is delighted – he loves them cooked in a little butter or stir-fried.

Eggs, my goodness – have enough for a super-sized frittata or quiche. The chooks just keep on laying enthusiastically. Eight dozen in the fridge at the last count, and there will many more by this afternoon’s collecting.

Meanwhile, the possum-proofing of garden beds continues. At last the rhubarb, totally unproductive for two years now, is sprouting leaves, now that they are not nibbled off to the ground each evening.

In the smaller garden beds near the cooking school, Robert has just finished protective mini hoop houses.

Old ex-feral Tom thinks this a most satisfactory arrangement. He managed to unhook an edge and snuggle down in the netting for a nap in the sun.

I wonder what the afternoon will bring. Planting for sure, much inspired as we are by Rees Campbell’s book “Eat Wild Tasmanian”.

Once the plants grow, there will be a whole new world of flavours for experimentation. In the spirit of which, in the background are two bottles of wet hop beer, about to be chilled to accompany our dinner this evening. The hops were picked down by the river early in the morning, then brought home and in the afternoon made into beer to an old German lager recipe.

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