For the Love of Preserving

Why do we do it? This is why.

The colour and flavour, the very essence of the cumquats are now captured in bottles. There’s the cordial syrup (in recycled spirit bottles) and lovely orange confit cumquats in jars, cumquat brandy in the making alongside them.

There’s the intrigue as well. Today the sparkling gooseberry was bottled off for its final fermenting. Why did the green gooseberries make such an attractive pink liquid? And for that matter, what are the secrets of the fermenting of the brew from a few simple, natural ingredients?

As I am sure I have said before, it’s like the words of the old Peter, Paul and Mary Song – “It’s magic, and you don’t want to know, just how it’s done it would ruin the show.”

I think there’s an element of this magic and mystery to preserving – endlessly interesting and intriguing, always something to learn about the produce and processes. Just love it.

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