Banjo’s New Norfolk Market

It’s been an age since we went to the Banjo’s New Norfolk Market, must be a year or even more. A free Saturday is a rarity for us.

Last week we managed to get there and my goodness what an impressive sight! No wonder it’s called Tasmania’s friendliest market.

There were far more food stalls there than when last went along, which was fantastic – everything from the sausage sizzle at the Salvos stall through to truly artisan products.

You can purchase food items at whatever stage of the process you choose – for instance there are raw materials aplenty with a wonderful fresh vegetable stall and another has curry pastes and spices.

Then there are ready or part prepared dishes you can cook later (for example the felafel mixture) and so many delicious options to enjoy while you are there.

We shared one of Mila’s wood fired pizzas – sensational. The real secret is in her special dough she told us.

There were oysters and nut butters, a large selection of baked goods, some of the prettiest nougats I’ve ever seen, homemade confectionery, Chillean dishes, Lebanese traditional cooking, preserves, honey, labneh cheese ( a more matured version of one I make), sensational garlic products – the list goes on and on.


One of the best things is that all the good-humoured food stallholders are happy to chat about their products – how they are made, or how the produce was grown, suggested uses and so on.

Even the pets are not forgotten with a whole range of pet treats available.

Oh yes, there was one other small thing we sampled, though we did bring most of the piece home – Harissa cake. Probably I should have heard of it but I hadn’t. It was without a doubt one of the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted.

With visitors coming tomorrow I’m going to try my hand at baking one – it is a cake experience that needs to be shared around …… I’ve found a recipe, so it’s off to the stove I go.

Most certainly this market is something the Valley can be proud of – for those who don’t live locally, it’s well worth making the short trip from Hobart to experience it on any Saturday morning.

Even if you don’t go for the food, there are plenty of other stalls to browse – hand made wooden items for instance and all manner of bric-a-brac, books, plants, drinks and music.

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