Plum Royalty – Greengages!

Plum royalty – more than 20kg greengages fresh picked from daughter Stephanie’s tree.

There were pears too (also organically grown), a gift from a friend of a friend – about 10 kilos in all.

A day of fast track and intense bottling ensued in the cooking school kitchen, but well worth the effort. All are now preserved and ready for the pantry shelves.

Next came greengage jam – one of the most sensational flavours of all.

I still need to make barbecue sauce and plum sauce, then bottle figs before apple and quince season comes around again.

The shelves of our various pantries are groaning with the weight of this year’s preserving already.

However, you never know if the fruit will be as prolific next year.

Even if it is, no matter. It would be a tragedy and a travesty to let such exquisite, organic Tasmanian produce go to waste.

Near the end of the day, took the time to sit on the veranda with a coffee.  Have to admit it’s a pretty nice place, this little corner of the valley here in Molesworth (Tasmania).

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