Raspberry Pips? Yes Please!!

I was given a couple of buckets of strained off fresh raspberry pips, a by-product of a food business’ making coulis. In actuality it was destined for the menagerie here, or the compost heap

A few hours afterwards I noticed a smallish amount of luscious scarlet liquid had risen to the top of the pips. It smelt so good that an intermediate step was definitely in order.

I tipped several kilos into a jam pan, added a little water (just guessed how much), boiled it for a few minutes.

The mixture was then strained, equal parts of sugar added and boiled again.

I’d thought to make jelly. Nope, didn’t set. However it did make a tasty, pleasingly viscous raspberry topping to drizzle over ice cream.

Second batch, boiled for much less time, made a raspberry cordial syrup. One part syrup to four parts soda water at serving time, delicious.

In the general spirit of “waste not, want not”, I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

Now finally those spent pips can finally go to the compost.

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