The Geese who Came to Stay

Noisy, mischievous rascals – here are the four geese who came to live with us a few weeks ago.

Granddaughter Charly and I spent an afternoon observing them with a view to giving each a name suited to its character.

One of the boys, whose eyes that day were black as night- he was appropriately named Black-eyed Pete.

Charly chose Winnie for the girl whose super soft plumage resembles a soft grey winter cloud.

Stretch was so named because that was all he seemed to do the entire afternoon, that and grooming himself very often.

Jelly Bean (aka Jelly B) was named for her attractive pattern of feathers.

The geese are my “Time out” plan – half an hour or so spent with them each day if I can, to ensure they stay tame.

It’s not exactly a relaxing experience to be frank. They run at me, wings spread wide and flapping and chattering noisily, lots to tell me apparently, lots to ask.

"What news do you have for me?" says Black-eyed Pete's expression

To sit on the grass with them involves a serious inspection, to make sure all is in order. Dots on socks are a special favourite. They peck and pull at them, so much so that I now have little holes in my socks where the dots used to be.

After a while their chattering changes to a mutter and they begin to preen themselves.

Finally, finally they fall asleep alongside me or on my lap.

I don’t know that they could be described as cute, but adorable they most certainly are, absolute characters.

The menagerie here just wouldn’t be the same without them.

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