Prickly Beasts of a Different Kind

From prickly beasts of the feathered kind, to prickly bounty of the botanical kind.

For types of relaxation – well, each to their own. For my part I talk to our animals, but for Robert – he loves to go blackberry picking (unfathomable).

He finds it very calming to spend an hour or two down by the river harvesting these wild-growing beauties. He just arrived home with them – at least 6 kilos or more.

There’s a bit of a dispute about his blackberries each year. Of course he has picker’s right to all of them to make his beloved blackberry nip, but I really would like to make just a little jam, the favourite of a great many people I’ve noticed.

PLUS – it’s looking good for a blackberry shortcake for tomorrow’s Wednesday morning tea platter….

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