Blackberry and Pear Shortcake

Wednesday morning tea platter offering today – blackberry and pear shortcake.

Thought the pear segments we bottled a few days ago would be pair nicely with blackberries and the crisp, buttery pastry.

To serve with it? Made a raspberry/blackberry soft serve ice cream. (I should have made that earlier than I did as it was a tiny bit melty by the time we got there.)

The ice cream was flavoured with some of the thick raspberry syrup I made a couple of days ago (the raspberry pip version). Lightly poached blackberries were mixed through towards the end of churning.

This is one of the main reasons I am so enthusiastic (arguably obsessive) about preserving, capturing each season’s produce in a bottle.

Not only are jams, pickles, chutneys, sauces, cordials and bottled fruit delicious in their own right, they also provide a “toolbox” of exquisite flavours to use in everyday cooking.

This provided the motivation not only for “A Year in a Bottle” but especially “Out of the Bottle”, both of which are now combined in “Complete Preserves”.

Pantry shelves are groaning, there’s more on the bench to put away in the ever-expanding pantry. Just the way I like it.

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