The Nature of Geese – an education

I read somewhere recently a saying that goes something like this (in part) – “Sit with animals quietly and they will show you their heart.”
We’ve had an interesting example of this during the past week. Our four geese have always got along famously – that is until mating season kicked in.
One of the males (Patch) took to beating up the other male (Pete), quite brutally.
Now Pete is no fool, he left the home (their paddock), flew over the fence and shows no desire to return.
The interesting thing is that he has now made friends with the chooks, the ducks and he and Brewster the rooster are good pals.
It has its perks. He free ranges with them all day, has learnt to forage as they do, and takes advantage of the fact that there are several serves of grain and vegetable scraps served morning and afternoon.
He’s now a much happier man, and cares not one jot when Patch screams at him from the other side of the fence.
Pete has turned into a much gentler natured bird than he ever was previously – he will even tolerate being picked up and cuddled.
Watching the animals here is endlessly interesting as they continue to show us their respective natures, as well as their instinctive wisdom and adaptability.

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