Sweet Bakes – a little bit of this and that

Busy week last week, lots of lovely visitors too.

There was time for a little baking though, a few new inventions or variations on a theme with some of my older recipes.

First, a coffee slice, with just a touch of chocolate in the cake batter, reinforced by feather and fanned icing on top.

There was a rustic gooseberry tart – with a newly invented semolina pastry. The benefit of that pastry is that is needs no rolling, you just kind of pat it out, very quick to make – you don’t even have to rest it.

Speaking of rustic – a version of a cut and come again latticed fruit slice. It’s not that it’s just delicious so you want another piece (hopefully).

It’s a multiple choice kind of thing – the fruits included in this instance are gooseberry, Morello cherry, apricot and greengage. The idea is that you try whichever flavour you fancy, then go back for another flavour or two.

I’d planned to make an apricot crumble for dessert for family for Saturday lunch. I always have a jar of crumble mixture on hand in the fridge for just such occasions.

However, it was running short, not enough. I did have a bit of leftover shortcrust pastry from that latticed fruit slice, maybe 60g, so just broke that up a bit and sprinkled it over the top. I guess you could call it a picrumble. New texture, tasted fine.

Then there was a plate to take to a party. Besides a hedgehog slice that needed a rescue remedy by topping with melted chocolate and sprinkles, there was a batch of honey jumbles.

For a change, instead of the usual royal icing, I used a rich cream cheese icing. It lacks the lovely crunch of the royal icing (though it does look patchy after a few hours). Many people seem to prefer the cream cheese version – its hint of lemon complementing the spices in the biscuit dough.

And so another week goes. Already planning a little more baking for the upcoming week…..

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