Maggie comes to stay (forever)

This the story of a little mother cat. We found her a couple of months ago darting between Cilla the pig’s legs, so starving that she was prepared to risk being stomped by those huge hoofs to get a morsel of food.

What can you do? We started to feed her as she was obviously pregnant and in very poor condition. Before long she had three little male kittens with her. I have never seen a family of animals so devoted to each other, observing them at feed time as we did for several weeks.

Little mama would make sure her kittens had their fill of food before she would eat herself.

Of course with the risk to local wildlife, an alternative had to be found. We managed at last to trap her (kittens by that stage about 9 weeks old).

Within days we had progressively trapped the young boys and taken them all to Birchgrove Feline Assistance at Dodges Ferry.

Little mama (or Blackie as my husband calls her) was very stressed, no doubt grieving at the loss of her kittens and then the whole process and upheaval of de-sexing (as she was awaiting that day in her cage in this photo).

Poor little girl. a mere (estimated) 9 months old) was unlikely to get a home, as timid and stand-offish as she is, so we have brought her back here and adopted her.

She will be number 4 cat of our pampered pet household, but it’s going to take a while for her to trust us. Meanwhile she is safe, secure, warm and well fed in a very large temporary enclosure in my study. We talk to her often, spending quiet time keeping her company at a respectful distance.

The kittens? The adorable grey Mr. Darcy, was soon adopted into a wonderful home.

The two little black kittens are incredibly devoted to each other. When one was removed from their shared cage (to have a broken tooth removed), the other threw a terrible tantrum. As soon as they were back together they were ecstatic – purred and cuddled and smooched each other, so happy.

These two will need to be homed together or they will fret terribly. They are currently in foster care.

Last I heard they were about to have their vet work done (de-sexing etc.) so will soon be ready for adoption.

They have been given the names Toothless and Hiccup.

If anyone could give a home to these two little darlings, it would be such a happy ending for this exceptional little family. You would just need to contact Birchgrove Feline Assistance. Phone number is 0497 268 348

One thought on “Maggie comes to stay (forever)

  1. Roscoe Thomas says:

    I am sure a good home will be found for them soon Sally. We have two dogs otherwise we would have considered them ourselves. Roscoe

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