Apple Day 2022

Cider making day is always good fun. Family, friends and neighbours come to help with the plethora of tasks that are involved in the day-long process.

Some chop apples and help extract the juice by pressing the scratted (munched up) pulp through an old wine press (a gift from a generous friend).

Others help me with the cooking and making mulled cider – made from several bottles of last year’s cider, with blackcurrant syrup, fruit liqueurs and preserved fruits added. It gets stronger as the day wears on. It’s heated in large jam pans on the old wood fired stove in the cooking school space. It helps to keep the apple choppers warm in the icy cold shed.

Others help make pizzas in Herman, the outdoor bread oven Robert built. (Our friend Rob made the best pizza dough yet.)

There were all sorts of apple cakes and desserts made, along with gluten free version of each, and of course as helpers included The Custard Club, a large jam pan of custard was also kept at the ready.

Great fun with wonderful people – my favourite day of the year, Apple Day.

(Next day that oven was of course still hot as it holds its heat for days, so a pork roast with all the trimmings was baked in there. I do SO love cooking in wood fired ovens.)

Finally now there’s just a few crates of apples to go before the end of apple season – these different varieties will be peeled, diced and preserved over the next couple of weeks ready to use in all sorts of baking in coming months.

One thought on “Apple Day 2022

  1. Ross. ( ROSCOE. ). Thomas says:

    Loved the story about the Apple Day. Rober5 and his dough was an interesting photo 😂
    Cheers Roscoe


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